Friday, October 2, 2009

what did i get myself into?

For years now my husband, a bunch of our buddies from college (plus a few other guys) have been playing fantasy football. I like football, it's exciting and dramatic and, well, it's not baseball. And I've picked up a few things about this fantasy football thing over the years and generally enjoyed making fun of the guys in the league who were losing, but this year, we're doing things a little differently.
When my husband got the group email about joining a league, some of the guys said they were in, as long as everyone promised not to tell their wives (jokingly - I think) and Ben responded that he was in, but only if I got my own team this year. So now I have my own team. I actually am really kinda enjoying it. I must say if you are one of those people whose partner loves football and you are not so much into it, I highly suggest playing fantasy next year, because now you have a stake in the game - lot's of games, and that makes it exciting.

This weekend is game four - I might lose but last week I was matched up against Ben and DESTROYED him. 135 (me) to 68(him) so no matter what happens I am feeling pretty good. My overall goal is to just not be last in league standings. and so far, I'm doing OK.

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